Why Eat Less and Move More Doesn’t Work

Eat less and move more sounds so simple. Why doesn’t it work? This article will teach you why weight loss is so hard and show you the steps you need to take to truly change your life and improve your health.

You have probably heard the saying “eat less and move more” as a suggested starting point for weight loss. But even after cutting back on portions and starting a new exercise program you struggled.

Why is weight loss so hard? Is there anything you can do to lose weight and actually keep it off?

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Seven Best Grocery Delivery Services in Chicago

Want to compare all of the options for grocery delivery in the Chicago area? Here is a list of the best choices including Instacart, Target and Walmart. Click and review just one or learn about them all. I even compared the cost of each one to make it easy for you to decide.

The pandemic driven shut downs and stay at home orders across the country have begun to ease up as of mid May. However interest in grocery delivery in Chicago has not.

Are you looking to order groceries and have them delivered for the first time? Or have you already tried grocery delivery but aren’t sure you are getting the best deal?

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Do You Need to Take a Whole Food Multivitamin?

Is it necessary to take a multivitamin every day for optimal health? There is more to food than just the vitamins and minerals we see on nutrition labels, and you may be missing out if you just rely on a multivitamin every day. Read this article to learn why.

The promise of a multivitamin is alluring. They provide an easy and convenient way to help make sure all your daily nutrient needs are being met. A whole food multivitamin sounds even better.

Now you can get a daily dose of fruits and vegetables just from swallowing a small capsule.

What’s the truth? Can a multivitamin really make up for the shortcomings of an otherwise unhealthy diet and help promote health and wellness?

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The Health Benefits of Choosing Maple Syrup

What are the health benefits of maple syrup? Is there a difference between pancake syrup and maple syrup, and if so is it worth the higher cost to choose maple syrup? The answer is YES! Read on to learn all you ever wanted to know about maple syrup.

When you go out for breakfast you may have noticed that some restaurants offer real maple syrup while others offer pancake syrup. Even better, some offer toppings like maple pancake syrup or something similar. Are there really any health benefits to be gained by choosing real maple syrup instead of these other options?

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Is Sea Salt Really Better for Your Health?

There are so many kinds of salt at the store, all claiming to be better for you than table salt. In the end it’s all marketing and salt is salt. I compare several types of salt to help you understand the difference and see for yourself.

Himalayan pink salt. Celtic sea salt. Pure sea salt. Kosher salt. Old school iodized salt. Salt used to just be salt, now it has its own shelf at the grocery store. Small batch, large crystals. There are more choices than ever before, and like many foods we eat on a daily basis it is hard to know what the best decision is for our long term health. Let’s take a look at the different options and explore some of the (crazy) health claims related to these products. By the time you are done reading you will understand the different types of salt on the market and be confident in your decision the next time you need to purchase some salt.

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