Pasture Raised Eggs vs Free Range vs Cage Free: What’s the Difference?

Are you tired of trying to decipher all of the different codes and statements on egg cartons? Food doesn’t have to be so complicated.

You walk over to the egg section in the grocery store and see so many different labels on the egg cartons. There are free range, cage free, organic, non-GMO, vegetarian fed and pasture raised eggs. Some egg cartons even have multiple labels on them.

When did food become so complicated?

This is where I can help. In this article I am going to teach you what the different egg carton claims mean. Give me 10 minutes and you will understand how to shop for eggs and never have to think about it again.

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Is the Impossible Whopper Healthy?

The Impossible Whopper makes big promises but can it deliver? Many think it is a healthy alternative to a traditional burger but my analysis shows it is just a less healthy version of the traditional Whopper.

Is the Impossible Whopper too good to resist or too good to be true? When I first saw an advertisement for the new, plant based Whopper I was excited (for my patients at least). A healthy, plant based burger at Burger King? Is the Impossible Whopper really the healthy alternative it is marketed to be, or just another fast food gimmick meant to get your attention but ultimately offering nothing for your health?

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The Truth About Eggs: They Can Be Part of a Healthy Diet

The science is clear; the cholesterol in eggs does not affect heart health, yet many health care professionals still recommend limiting how many eggs we consume each week. Help me spread the word; eggs are great for your health.

Eggs have become the prime example of why eating is so difficult in our modern day and age. For years health experts told us that eggs are bad. Now more recently you may have heard that eggs can be part of a healthy diet.

What’s the truth? Should you be feeding your family eggs or not?

Let’s figure this out once and for all.

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