Is Sea Salt Really Better for Your Health?

There are so many kinds of salt at the store, all claiming to be better for you than table salt. In the end it’s all marketing and salt is salt. I compare several types of salt to help you understand the difference and see for yourself.

Himalayan pink salt. Celtic sea salt. Pure sea salt. Kosher salt. Old school iodized salt. Salt used to just be salt, now it has its own shelf at the grocery store. Small batch, large crystals. There are more choices than ever before, and like many foods we eat on a daily basis it is hard to know what the best decision is for our long term health. Let’s take a look at the different options and explore some of the (crazy) health claims related to these products. By the time you are done reading you will understand the different types of salt on the market and be confident in your decision the next time you need to purchase some salt.

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